angela helps franchisors by using her proprietary

F3 for Exponential Growth

to help franchisors take their business to the next level.

The F3 for Exponential Growth incorporates:

angela’s FRANCHISOR experience

angela’s FRANCHISEE perspective

angela’s FRAMEWORK for exponential growth


Angela grew up in the world of business growth and franchising.  Her father, Mac Voisin, is the founder of the successful iconic Canadian franchise M&M Food Market.  The family started the business in 1980 and successfully grew the company to over 450 franchised locations across Canada by 2008.  Angela was involved in many areas of the business over the years (from “Kelly Kabob” at early Grand Openings, to working in various roles in the corporate head office, then out in the field doing store visits ensuring compliance, training franchisees, creating and delivering workshops for franchisees and employees, and supporting franchisees as a field consultant).  In the late ’90’s, She moved to Vancouver to help develop the chain in Western Canada after attaining her honors degree in Business (Wilfrid Laurier University).

In 2000, Angela moved to Victoria to bring the chain to the island as a multi-unit franchisee, opening 3 stores in a year and a half, all exceeding sales projections within their first year.  The past 17 years as a franchisee have given her an alternate, invaluable perspective that inspired her to launch a business to help franchisors with growth.

Using her FRANCHISOR EXPERIENCE and invaluable FRANCHISEE PERSPECTIVE, Angela helps early and established franchisors by providing and helping implement the FRAMEWORK for exponential growth.  This includes:


ensuring UNIT ECONOMICS will attract and retain franchisees

setting up CORPORATE INFRASTRUCTURE for growth and profitability

implementing FRANCHISEE SUPPORT SYSTEMS that will create a culture of accountability and profitability

developing a FRANCHISE RECRUITMENT PROCESS to attract and retain qualified candidates

… and much more


Angela’s franchise industry network spans across North America and includes successful franchisors who are willing to share information, other franchise consultants, and many different franchise service providers such as franchise lawyers, digital marketers who are immersed in franchising, specialists who write impressive operations manuals, and software developers with niche products for the franchise industry.

Angela is also passionate about helping small business owners explore the franchise model for growth.  She’ll work with business owners to investigate whether their business is ‘franchisable’ and whether they are ready for franchising.  Once she has worked with the business owner to ensure the foundation is solidified, she will work with her clients on the steps to make the conversion happen using franchise industry best practices.

Overall, Angela acts as a coach, guiding and inspiring business owners to be successful, and as a ‘general contractor’, connecting them with her pre-vetted services that will help get them to the next level.  Her energy is infectious and motivates entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

Here’s are two magazines Angela was featured in:

Douglas Magazine

Boulevard Magazine

Angela helps franchisors create exponential growth, twice as fast, with half the effort … while having FUN!

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