angela coté has been on both the franchisor and the franchisee side of business.

angela helps business owners convert to the franchise model

and she helps established franchisors with growth


Angela grew up in the world of business growth and franchising.  Her father, Mac Voisin, is the founder of the successful iconic Canadian franchise M&M Food Market.  He started the business in 1980 and it grew to over 450 locations across Canada by about 2008.  She was fortunate to have been involved in many areas of the business over the years (from “Kelly Kabob” to a field consultant helping franchisees with operations, marketing, human resources, business planning).  She moved out west to help develop the chain in Western Canada in the late 90’s after attaining her honours degree in Business (Wilfrid Laurier University).

In 2000, Angela moved to Victoria to bring the chain to the island as a multi-unit franchisee.  The past 16 years as a franchisee have certainly given her a new and valuable perspective!  About two years ago, she decided to launch a franchise consulting business, as people in her local business community were coming to her with questions about franchising.

Her niche is franchising and she is passionate about helping small business owners explore opportunities for growth.  She’ll investigate whether their business is ‘franchisable’ and whether they are ready for franchising.  Once the business foundation is solidified, she will work with her clients on the steps to make the conversion happens using franchise best practices.

Angela also helps established franchisors with growth.  This includes components like putting together a growth strategy, setting up a franchise sales process, defining a real estate strategy, and recruiting franchisees.  Her franchise industry network spans across North America and includes successful franchisors who are willing to share information, other franchise consultants, and many different franchise service providers such as franchise lawyers, digital marketers who are immersed in franchising, specialists who write impressive operations manuals, and software developers with niche products for the franchise industry.

Overall, Angela acts as a coach, guiding and inspiring business owners to be successful, and as a ‘general contractor’, connecting them with pre-vetted services that will help get to the next level.  Her energy is infectious and motivates entrepreneurs to implement their dreams.

Here’s a recent Boulevard Magazine story Angela was featured in



here are just a few ways angela can help you:

determining whether you are ready to franchise
understanding the key roles of the franchisor
steps to franchising
analyzing your marketing plan
analyzing your business plan
sharing systems for franchisor/franchisee communication
researching and sharing creative ways of generating profit
early days – opportunistic growth phase
taking it to the next level – strategic growth phase

building systems to be able to scale the business
franchise fee determination
royalties models
providing performance indicator tests for prospective franchisees
franchisee recruitment
understanding the mentality of franchisees
acting as a general sounding board
providing intuitive, ‘real-world’ feedback
motivating you to reach your goals

Angela is passionate about using her experience to help other businesses grow, whether that’s through franchising or other strategies for expansion.

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