angela coté has been featured in the following…


Douglas Magazine
April/May 2017
“Douglas Magazine 10 to Watch – 2017 Winner”
When she was five, Angela Coté was hard at work in the back of her parents’ Kitchener, Ontario shop.

Douglas Magazine
February/March 2017
“Demystifying Doing Business in the US”
When it comes to doing business with our neighbours to the south, there are some big cultural divides to bridge.  Here’s how to do it.

The Franchise Voice Magazine
Winter 2017
“The Secret Sauce of Supply Chain Success”
In franchising, we talk a lot about relationships. We talk about how building positive and respectful relationships with franchisees increases their loyalty to the company.

Boulevard Magazine
August/September 2016
“Can-do Spirit”
Angela thrives on business, charity and motherhood.

Douglas Magazine
August/September 2016
“Is Your Business Ready to Franchise?”
Is franchising the best strategy when it comes to expanding your business? A franchise expert looks at the pros and cons to help you make the best business decision.

Franchise Canada
November/December 2016
“As a franchisee I understand I will need to follow the rules of the system.  But can I somehow scratch that entrepreneurial itch? ”
Franchising consultant Angela Cote shares some creative ideas for franchisees looking to build their business.

Seaside Magazine
March 2016
“Women to Watch”