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The DNA of a Successful Franchisee
November 30, 2019

Angela’s back on Social Geek Radio! This time, she explores the key qualities and skills of a successful franchisee. This is a must hear for small business owners, franchise brands, and industry pros alike!

As a first-time franchisee, what are the five rock star questions I should ask?
November 2019

Featured in the “Ask a Franchise Expert” section, Angela explores the five rock star questions every prospective franchisee needs to ask before diving in.

Overcoming Roadblocks to Leverage Social Media
November 2019

Check out Angela’s latest article in The Franchise Woman for three essential tips on growing your franchise through social media! Learn how to grow your community, and business, with the cost-efficient power of social media.

Emerging Brands with Chris Raimo & Angela Cote (Part 2)
September 2019

Angela and Chris keep the conversation going in Part 2 of their Social Geek Radio interview. They deep-dive into team building. Which essential team members you will need? Advisor? Attorney? Manager? And who else can play on the founder’s strengths and needs. 

Emerging Brands with Chris Raimo & Angela Cote (Part 1)
September 2019

Angela returns to Social Geek Radio, but this time, with one of her clients! Listen to Chris and Angela share ideas about their work on Chris’ brand, Happy Cat Hotel.

Franchising: Canada vs. USA
September 2019

Angela demystifies some of the common misconceptions around the cultural differences between Canada and the U.S.A. In light of the themes of politeness, market size, respecting market differences and a culture that is a little more ‘chill’, she shares six key cultural differences you should know about when doing business with our American neighbors, based on her experience and conversations with various business and franchising peers.

Franchise Conference Marketing
September 2019

Returning to Social Geek Radio, Angela shares her tips and tricks for networking successfully at business conferences. 

Second Generation Franchise Professional
July 2019

On Franchise Today, Angela describes how  she is a franchise growth catalyst to help emerging franchisers reach their growth goals faster, as well as having some fun while doing it! Being a second generation franchise professional, she uses that experience going forward to help her guide, counsel and consult with emerging brands today. 

Is Franchising a Good Fit?
July 2019

In this video Angela discusses with Sandra Graham, the founder of Get Simple Systems about the basics to franchising your business, including critical questions you should ask yourself BEFORE franchising. From drafting your legal documents, to writing your operations manual, to developing your systems!

Franchise Marketing Mistakes
July 2019

This time on Social Geek Radio, Angela delves into the top 3 mistakes franchisors make in franchise development marketing!

Unlocking the DNA of a Successful Franchise
June 2019

During the Unlocking the DNA of a Successful Franchise webinar, Angela and Charles N. Internicola Esq., founder of Internicola Law Firm discuss what the DNA of a successful franchisor looks like, how startup and emerging franchisors can stop wasting money, as well as energizing franchise relationships to drive unit profitability.

LinkedIn for Franchises
June 2019

Angela returns to Social Geek radio share her ideas on creating engaging content on LinkedIn. When it comes to content, Angela advises that posting something is far superior to posting nothing!

“Don’t wait until your videos, blogs, or posts are perfect, as perfection is the enemy of done.”

Franchisee Compliance
May 2019

Appearing on The Franchise Manual Podcast, Angela describes how to inspire franchisees to create and nurture a healthy “franchisees monitoring franchisees” system.  She discusses common reasons for lack of compliance, as well as strategies to remedy these situations.

“Compliance to the system standards directly protects your investment.”

Key Considerations to Owning a Franchise
May 2019

In this interview, Angela shares her top 3 tips for owning a franchise.  She unpacks the pros and cons of franchise ownership, growing at a local level, as well as selecting the right franchise.  There is a common misconception that a franchise is “turn-key” – that you can just turn the open sign on and forget about it. However, you still have to go out and market your business and network within your community.

“Look into the franchisees, are they happy? At the end of the day that’s the number one clue.  If they aren’t profitable, they aren’t happy.” 

Field Support for Franchisees
January 2019

This time on Social Geek Radio we’re discussing Field Support for Franchisees. What is the role of great Franchise Business Coaches? How can they help business owners with marketing and other areas to grow their businesses?  Angela shares some best practices for great coaches including how they can help get a business owner “get out from behind the counter” and into their community!

Why Franchising is NOT Turnkey!
January 2019

Have you been looking into franchise opportunities and been lured by promises of turnkey businesses? We’ve seen that term time and time again, making it seem like franchising is the easiest path to business ownership.  Unfortunately, it’s often far from the truth. In this episode of Franchise Rising Angela weighs in on this common myth – that franchises are turnkey!

Franchise vs Corporate Expansion
October 2018

Angela reviews the advantages of the franchise & corporate expansion models & how to know which growth strategy is a match for your business!

Angela’s Top 3 Networking Hacks
October 2018

Conferences are all about growing relationships and Angela shares her best tips on building trust and providing value. We’ll also share the latest details on IFA’s #MITCon event in Austin next week!

DNA of a Franchisee
June 2018

The best franchisees have strong leadership skills that help them motivate and inspire their employees, whether they’re at the top or the bottom of the totem pole. Hear the other qualities that make up the DNA of a franchisee in this episode of Franchise Rising Podcast!

Developing an Emerging Brand
May 2018

Angela Cote, franchise growth catalyst, shares her vision on developing an emerging franchise system’s brand. She focuses on the brand’s purpose, mission, core values, and founder(s)!

We’ll also learn about her history in being a part of a family business, a franchisor, a franchisee, an entrepreneur, and more!

What to Look For In A Franchise
April 2018

We’re joined by guest Angela Cote to share her experience and give us some insights on what to look for in a franchise.

Franchisee Coaching for An Early Franchisor
April 2018

In the early days of franchising, the owner often becomes the first coach. How do you drive results with early franchisees when you are an emerging franchisor?
The 5 Rockstar Questions You Should Ask When Becoming a Franchisee
April 2018

There are some universal questions all prospective franchisees have, like how much money will I make, or how long will it take me to earn back my initial investment? But, you need to dig a bit deeper to ensure you’re making your best possible investment and career decision. In this article, Angela shares her signature “5 Rockstar Questions” you should ask as a prospective franchisee before making your final buying decision.

How You Can Breath Life Into Your Purpose and Core Values 
November 2017

Once you get clear on what your purpose and core values are, and there are many ways to do this, from reading books like Traction by Gino Wickman to hiring a coach to help you dig deep, the next step is to make a plan on how you will live and breathe your purpose and core values every day. Here are three quick tips to help you do this:

10 First Steps to Franchising Success
November 2017

Have you ever wondered why over half of emerging franchisors hit growth roadblocks at four or five units and end up bankrupt within their first five years in business? Sadly, so many business owners seem to catch the “I’ll use franchising to scale my business” bug without understanding all the intricacies and nuances of successfully scaling via the franchise model.   In this article, Angela shares the 10 First Steps to Franchising Success.

Let It Unfold Creative Studio Spotlight
September 2017

To launch ‘Let it Unfold’ Spotlight Series, we have the pleasure to get an in-depth look at the story behind Angela Coté’s – Franchise Growth Catalyst brand, and explore the world of franchising. Her unique and up-beat attitude towards business and branding gives a fresh perspective that any business can learn from.

Own Up Grown Up Podcast Interview
July 2017

How To Fly Your Plane While Still Building It Be inspired by Angela’s journey from Kelly Kabob to her pivotal role helping develop the family business M&M Food Market across Canada, to her current career as Franchise Growth Catalyst, helping franchisors grow faster, saving them time, money, energy and headaches.

Douglas Magazine
April/May 2017 “Douglas Magazine 10 to Watch – 2017 Winner”

When she was five, Angela Coté was hard at work in the back of her parents’ Kitchener, Ontario shop.

Douglas Magazine
February/March 2017

“Demystifying Doing Business in the US” When it comes to doing business with our neighbours to the south, there are some big cultural divides to bridge.  Here’s how to do it.

The Franchise Voice Magazine
Winter 2017 “The Secret Sauce of Supply Chain Success”

In franchising, we talk a lot about relationships. We talk about how building positive and respectful relationships with franchisees increases their loyalty to the company.

Boulevard Magazine
August/September 2016 “Can-do Spirit”

Angela thrives on business, charity and motherhood.

Douglas Magazine
August/September 2016 “Is Your Business Ready to Franchise?”

Is franchising the best strategy when it comes to expanding your business? A franchise expert looks at the pros and cons to help you make the best business decision.

Franchise Canada
November/December 2016 “As a franchisee I understand I will need to follow the rules of the system.  But can I somehow scratch that entrepreneurial itch? ”

Franchising consultant Angela Cote shares some creative ideas for franchisees looking to build their business.

Seaside Magazine March 2016 “Women to Watch”