Why Angela

In Angela’s Toolkit

  • Proprietary tool called the “F3 for Exponential Growth”, which encompasses Angela’s perspective of having been on the Franchisor side, the Franchisee side, and the Framework for exponential growth.
  • Angela creates exponential growth for franchisors twice as fast with half the effort… while having FUN!
  • Network in franchise industry including membership in the CFA
  • Network of pre-vetted professional services Angela can connect you with (e.g. franchise lawyers, franchise digital marketing services, recruitment professionals, franchise operations manuals specialists, etc) )
  • High profile advisors in franchise industry and business community
  • Profile tests for prospective franchisees

“In my over 20 years with M&M Meat Shops, I have observed Angela in various roles with the company and beyond.  What stands out the most to me about Angela is her natural understanding of business and her ability to apply that understanding in so many capacities.  On both the corporate franchisor side as well as the franchisee side, Angela has always been very action-oriented and uses her intuition for people to achieve success.  Her energetic personality is refreshing and motivating, and there is absolutely no question in my mind that Angela would be an incredible contributor and asset to any company’s plans or execution of its vision”
Frank Phelan, Senior Vice President, M&M Meat Shops

“It is a rare occurrence when one has the opportunity to meet a truly talented and inspiring individual.  Ange Cote is one of those people.  She is engaging, thoughtful and a natural motivator full of imagination and energy.  I have known Ange for about five years and have enjoyed the opportunity to witness her expertise in action.  She is an entrepreneur with flair that enables her to easily include others in her vision, energize them and create success through action.  She is fun to be around and to work with.  She is truly a favourite of mine.”

Ray Parks, BIM Consulting

“It gives me great pleasure to provide this testimonial for Angela Cote. I have known Angela on a personal level for more than 15 years. She comes from a family of very successful business people who have demonstrated a strong commitment to giving back to their communities through supporting various organizations over the years. Like her family, Angela is also highly committed to her community. As with other successful people, especially in her family, when Angela sets her mind to do something, look out! She will take it to the top and come out with great results.”
Moira Taylor, former President, St. Mary’s Hospital, Kitchener, ON

“Angela was with us for the two weeks leading up to our record sales setting grand opening.  She trained us and our staff on how to successfully get up and running. Angela was eager to get the job done right and on schedule.  She brought with her a deep understanding of the franchise business and helped us immensely at such a critical time. Angela’s approach was fun, refreshing and easy to implement.  After being involved with several Canadian franchises, we couldn’t have had a more competent person that was up for the challenge in our store.”
Gary and Laurie Straub, M&M Meat Shops Franchisees, Moose Jaw, SK

“I have known Angela as a client and friend since around the year 2000. I have always been impressed with her knowledge, energy, and passion for her family business as a franchisee of M & M Meat Shops.   Additionally, her historical experience working with the M & M franchisor gives her insight into the franchisor and franchisee needs and relations. I am looking forward to watching her use that unique skill set to assist other businesses in the conversion to, and success using, the franchise business model.”

Greg Harney, Franchise Lawyer

“I met Angela just under a year ago through my philanthropy community and I am excited to see her use her energy and passion to help other businesses.  This seems like a perfect fit for someone with such a unique background and understanding of business.”

Sybil Verch, The Verch Group

“Angela is someone I value having as part of a team. I’ve worked with Angela in various capacities in business and for the community over the past 12 or so years and she has been a key driver, when she is involved it is guaranteed that you will be generating success.  She makes things happen and has a natural ability to apply her unique background to a diverse range of challenges and achieve positive outcomes. She brings a well established diverse network, wealth of experience and unique perspective that is an asset to every situation.”

Lee Richardson, CEO of Richardson Sport Inc. and Executive Director of Braefoot Community Association



“Angela and I met when she brought the M&M Meat Shops franchise to the island in 2000.  Her energy and enthusiasm for growing her business was very inspiring.  When I was buying the business I currently own, SeaSide Magazine, I consulted with Angela for advice as she has such a strong business background.  Angela is a natural at identifying simple yet effective ways to grow a business.”

Sue Hodgson, Owner, Seaside Magazine

“Angela and I worked together developing M&M Meat Shops in Western Canada.  Franchisees had put their life savings into the business yet Angela had a way of making them feel confident about running their business and motivating them to succeed.  Angela brought creative strategies to the system with her business background and understanding of franchising. ”

Evan Twist, M&M Meat Shops Franchisee and former Operations Manager of M&M Meat Shops’ Western Office