angela’s passion and energy for profitable franchising

inspires teams of all shapes and sizes!


Angela’s sweet spot is in fostering improved franchisee/franchisor relationships that lead to increased engagement and profitability for all.  She guides all parties in franchising to understand the value of committing to a culture of collaboration, accountability, and transparency.

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some of angela’s signature presentations include:

The 7 Deadly Sins Franchisors Commit

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Fail as a Franchisee

Should I Franchise My Business?

How To Rock Profitability By Getting Clear On Your Unit Economics


angela can also customize a workshop or presentation to suit your needs.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

2018 CFA National Convention Countdown:
April 22 – 24, 2018 | Ottawa, Ontario

How to Rock Profitability – Monday, April 23rd

How to Rock Profitability by Getting Clear on Your Unit Economics
Franchise success isn’t just measured by sales. Rather, a large part of franchise success is unit-level economics, or the performance of franchisees within your system. If you are not committed to the success of each of your franchisees, your brand can suffer. Conversely, if you get clear on your unit level economics, your brand can soar!

Attend this highly interactive session and learn how to set up a culture of exponential growth.

Hear from someone who has lived and breathed on both sides of the franchise equation about how to improve unit level economics, and increase transparency and accountability to improve profitability.

Learning Takeaways:

  • What are the active steps for improving unit-level economics and creating a culture of accountability
  • How to get franchisee buy-in for sharing key metrics
  • The best practices for KPIs and P&L statements


IFA – February 2018 – Feb 9th – 13
Monday Feb 12th @ 1:30pm

Know Before You Go: Tailoring Your Visit to a Specific Franchisee’s Needs

Field Support Track

(This session is relevant to all system sizes.)

No two franchisees are the same. They have differing skill sets, life experiences and goals which contribute to making each business unique. Why would you support them the same? In this interactive session you will learn why differentiated support is critical to the long term success of a franchise network. We will explore how to discover the unique needs of a franchisee and why individualized support creates the best possible conditions for profitable, sustained growth.

Moderator: Frank Todisco, Senior Director, National Accounts, ServiceMaster Company

Speakers: Angela Cote, Franchisee, M & M Food Market; Rob Goggins, President, Great Clips, Inc.; Glee McAnanly, VP, Franchise Relations, ServiceMaster Company


SOHO Victoria

How to Rock Biz Growth – Should I Expand Via Franchising, Licensing or Corporately?


Learn about whether franchising is a fit for your business, the alternate models, and what the first steps are to achieving exponential growth! #readysetgrow

In this session, Angela will customize her insights to the audience but could include:
➔ Examples of the Diversity of Businesses Using the Franchise Model for Growth
➔ Franchise vs Licensing vs Corporate Growth (and examples of each)
➔ How to Set a Business Up for Rockstar Growth Using Any Growth Strategy
➔ Franchising 101
➔ Key Benefits of the Franchise Model
➔ Criteria for Franchising
➔ DNA of a Franchisor
➔ Biggest Mistakes Early Franchisors Make

Learning Outcomes
1. The difference between licensing, franchising and corporate growth
2. How to determine whether or not franchising is a fit
3. Some rockstar steps to implement right now to get your business ready for growth

Friday, January 26, 2018 


Westshore Women’s Business Network: How to Fly Your Plane While Still Building It

Are you ready for take-off?  Have you hit turbulence?  Or are you flying high?
Angela “got her wings” helping grow the family business of M&M Meat Shops to over 470 franchises across Canada.  Along her flight path, Angela experienced feeling unstimulated and on auto-pilot to taking control of the flight deck to chart her own course to success.
Angela will inspire you with her flight path from Kelly Kabob to being the only female Franchise Growth Catalyst in Western Canada.
Thursday, April 27, 2017 from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM

CFA National Convention

Angela attended the CFA National Convention from April 2nd to 4th, 2017 in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  She networked with industry leaders, established and emerging franchisors, and other franchise professionals.  There are many great opportunities for education and learning from industry veterans at the annual CFA National Convention.

Advice & Insights for Small Business

Angela attended as the Business Growth and Franchise Expert Advisor, coaching participants on questions like:

  • How should I set my business up if I know I want to use franchising for future growth?
  • Is franchising the best method of growth for my business?
  • How much will it cost to franchise my business?
  • What are the personal traits and skills of a successful franchisor?
  • I’m thinking of buying into a franchise, what should I look for in a franchisor?
  • I’m an entrepreneur but want the backing of a brand – should I buy a franchise?

Turn Your Small Business into a National Brand through Franchising

Angela presented to business owners in Vancouver, BC who are considering franchising as a growth strategy in November 2016.

Emerging Franchisors

Angela spoke on a panel on Unit Economics at the Springboard Franchise Conference in Philadelphia in September 2016.

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