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Getting Clear on your KPIs – WEEKLY!

Following up on something I talked about in my most recent exponential growth tip regarding knowing your most important KPIs and knowing how to impact them.  Let’s dig a bit deeper and also talk about the frequency of monitoring franchisee KPIs and the Keeping It Simple Stupid rule (classic KISS rule :)!

Franchisees have a LOT going on in their business. They…

Ensure your Franchisees understand the big picture

As a franchisor, do your franchisees resist, or even get a little paralyzed, when you start talking about adding franchises to their region? I’m betting that they do! And really, can you blame them? In case you haven’t figured out by now, I have a soft spot in my heart for franchisees. And that’s partly because I’ve worked with a lot of different franchisees, but also because I have been one for the past 18 years.

How to become a ROCKSTAR at networking even if you HATE IT!

Do you hate networking? So do I. Actually, it’s pretty hard to hide the fact that I really enjoy and get energized by meeting new people, especially inspiring entrepreneurs with a can do attitude. I guess I’m lucky, because I know a lot of people hate networking and think it’s a big fat mentally draining waste of time, but it doesn’t have to be.