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B2C vs B2B in Franchising

That is actually my exponential growth tip for today. When you become a franchisor, i.e. when you have a small business, and you decide that you want to use franchising to expand it, you’re really going to be running two businesses.

Watch Out for those Bad Apples!

Back in the Day Have I ever told you about my experience running around Western Canada when I was 21 years old? I was getting M&M Meat Shops franchises up and running and supporting franchisees as their field consultant to help them stay on track (i.e. motivated,...

NOW is the right time

When is the right time to join the CFA/IFA? If you are an emerging franchisor or even just considering using the franchise model to grow your business, you are probably starting to think about joining either the Canadian Franchise Association or the International...

Uh oh, Are Your Franchisees Disgruntled?

I'm Back First of all, as you may have seen on Facebook, I am back from another amazing franchise convention – the Canadian Franchise Association’s National Convention in Niagara Falls.  And if you DID see my Facebook posts from the convention, you might think it was...

Invest in a Coach, Invest in Yourself

This leads me to my quick tip today, which is about the value of on-going business coaching from an industry expert, who is on the OUTSIDE of your business. I see so many franchisors who could be creating accelerated growth and increasing profitability by investing in help, saving them money, time and headaches!

How Much Does It Cost To Franchise A Business ? ??

Because of all these topics, I’m sure there are many perspectives on key takeaways. I thought I’d share my personal top takeaway with you, since it is not only something I heard over and over at the convention, but also something I learned from my involvement with the family business, M&M Food Market (formerly M&M Meat Shops). And it comes up regularly with my clients as they work on growing their business through franchising.

Ready? Here it is! And once again, it’s not rocket science folks, but entrepreneurs and business owners better listen up!

In order to implement the franchise model, you need be prepared to invest capital!