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Franchisee Coaching

Do your franchisees need a little help on-site (at their location) but you’re not ready to bring on a full time field consultant?  Or maybe a second set of eyes to help coach and guide your franchisees to success?  Angela has had over 20 years of experience in consulting with franchisees and running a successful franchise business.  She can work with your franchisees to motivate them to follow your operational system and improve their net profit.  Think of this a little like hiring a tutor!

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Are You Ready to Franchise?

Angela will take a look at your business and help you determine whether you are ready for franchising and/or whether your business is suitable for the franchising model.

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Franchise 101

Once it is clear you are ready for franchising, Angela will guide you through the steps required to convert to the franchise model.  Many franchise consultants are very transactional, putting clients through a pre-defined process.  Angela’s approach is very intimate and very customized to ensure she is providing value for each and every client.

Angela’s franchise industry network spans across North America and includes successful franchisors who are willing to share information, other franchise consultants, and many different franchise service providers such as franchise lawyers, digital marketers who are immersed in franchising, specialists who write impressive operations manuals, and software developers with niche products for the franchise industry.  Her services include collaborating with specialist partners when necessary to provide the very best for her clients.


For Established Franchisors

In order to successfully grow a business, it is imperative that there is a solid business foundation and great systems in place to ensure every member of the team, including franchisees, corporate personnel, front-line employees and even suppliers are working towards a common goal.  If it is determined that this is the case, Angela will work with you and/or your senior team to develop a strategy to take your business to the next level.  This may include sharing industry best practices for lead generation, updating the franchise sales process, franchise recruitment strategy, and infrastructure set up.


Focused on You

Business Expansion Strategies – let’s figure out some creative strategies and an action plan to get you growing
Tune Up – this is just like it sounds – like taking your car in for a tune-up. We’ll take a quick and dirty look your business no matter what stage you are at and discuss ideas, changes, etc. to get you some good growth.  Vroom vroom!
I want to become a franchisee! – what is it like to own a franchise?  What characteristics should I have?  What questions should I be asking?  She’s been there (and still is!).

which one is for me?

After the initial phone conversation and you’ve agreed on how Angela can help you, she will meet you to learn more about your business.  She will bring professionalism, energy and expertise, and get you on a path to success!

Let’s Get Started!
Contact Angela for a free initial consultation and to see if her services are a fit for you.